Destiny of Orlox

Day 2 in the City of Four Winds

(by Wimji Turwick)

Started the morning off looking for a new Inn. A rather annoying gnome by the name of Cassel Triggerstep kept pestering me last night so I thought I’d look for lodgings closer to the center of town, and father from him. I got a little distracted at the city center, all the music! So many new tunes to learn! But many of them keep talking about this “Underwind” thing. A friendly local told me that’s what they call the weird breeze blowing up from the sewers (that doesn’t smell bad!) so I thought I’d see if the local library had any more information. I noticed a strange, hooded figure lurking about, but its a festival, so I figured he was just a little shy or trying to keep out of the sun.

What a library they have here! I spent so much time wandering around just looking at all the books, that by the time I found what I was looking for I had little time to read it. Fortuneately there wasn’t much to read. Little is known about the wind, and no one seems inclined to investigate it! Good thing they have me around to figure these things out for them. I did learn all about the harvest that goes on durring the Underwind season, so when the criers warned it was nearing dark I hussled back to the Inn at the square, the Dead Horse Head Inn. The friendly Half-Orc Barkeep offered me dinner and lodging for a bit of music, so who was I to turn him down?

The wind is much stronger at the center of town (and makes a great medly of sounds!) so after dinner I stepped outside to experiment with my pipes, and see if I could recreate the sound of the Underwind. It must come from something far larger than pan pipes! It was while outside that I noticed some figures near the city center well. Turns out my hooded friend from earlier had some buddys and they were up to no good! When I got a better look at them I remembered the songs of the “Dark Creepers”, and how they are afraid of light. A few light spells later and I helped chase them off. The Half-Elf they were attacking, one Rowen Ambrodel seemed friendly enough, so we went inside for a drink. Apparently he’s been looking into this Orlox character, and I noticed a date (283) on one of my coins. Rowen thought it would be a good idea to question the bar keep about this Orlox guy, and the next thing I know I’m being asked to leave! At least I already had dinner.

Back outside in the cold, this crazy Half-Elf decides to climb down the well, against the howling winds, to check out the body of one of the Creepers who fell in. I agreed to keep watch for him since I figure he owes me a place to stay now, and while I’m keeping watch, the Creepers return with back up. I’m no match for a Night Crawler, so I followed Rowen down the well and we end up wandering some kind of cave system beneath the city. To the south is a large chasym with a rope leading down (possibly the source of the Underwind?) and to the North is an old system of drainage tunnels where a strange Were-Rat named Melo told us he knew more about Orlox but it would take us three days to get to his resting place.

We’ll go visit Melo later, and we opted to return to the surface for the time being. He gave us directions back out that lead through the basement of a grand house, where we were almost caught! Curiously we actually found some more information on Orlox. The house had an old rug with Orlox (looking old as well) and a curious book of laws c.280 by Bathalemew Talsend that spoke of a Count Olrox. I borrowed the book, and we made our way out and down to the Rabid Hound Inn for the night.


Enjoyable story so far. Who is this Orlox guy anyway? I can tell you guys have an interesting campaign here.

Cheers, Arsheesh.

Day 2 in the City of Four Winds

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