Destiny of Orlox

Day Four in the City of Four Winds

by Wimji Turwick

The legal system in this city is severe! We visited the court house today, and they wouldn’t let me in because I’m not a citizen. Fortunatly Rowen knows a scribe, Gadwick who was able to arrange some papers for us. However I think I’ll wait until there are different guards on duty. Most people can’t become citizens in one day!

But the symbology in the courthouse fountain and statuary is interesting. The god of justice and the trinity of “judge, jury and executioner”. They even have the laws of the city printed where all can read them (if they could read!). I hope that little boy doesn’t get into too much trouble for a childhood squabble. Seems extreme to hold a trial for that!

The Embassy district was bustling, so I did a bit of busking. That nutty gnomewas doing a hypnotism show, but it didn’t look to be going well, so I offered a different distraction to the locals, even made a few silver from it! Next thing I know, someone stole some of my coppers right out from under me! I chased after them, gave them a lump they won’t soon forget, but they got away. Broke my favorite mug too! In all the excitement, I lost track of Rowen, but he sent a very excited little girl to fetch me and said he had to leave with his contact and to meet him at the Talsend hosue again at dark.

I picked up the papers from Gadwick, who it turns out is elven of some kind, and looked around to find another way into the court house. I saw a strange flash from a sewer grate behind the building, so I decided to investigate. There was a cavern down there, with the cross and arrow symbol carved into the wall. Then I heard voices from behind a grating, and more of those red cloaked figures appeared in a new chamber, this time with Rowen! I ducked around the corner where they couldn’t see, but apparently he’s just become a member as well. After the induction, they started to come my way, and I dashed back the way I came in, looking for an escape. A bit of scrying led me to a hidden door behind the carving, and I slipped into another hidden corridor. It led out to the street, and also to a fantastic library of local knowledge and history! I found a book about “Olrox” that I borrowed, and took off for my meeting with Rowen. On the way I bought a new mug, and some cheese for Melo.

Rowen had his fancy new Order cloak when he met me at the Talsend house. He’s got some explaining to do! But we had more urgent matters. I charmed our way into the house, the same old woman was there. We sent her off for tea, I returned the Law Book I had borrowed previously, and we darted out through the passage in the basement.



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