Destiny of Orlox

Day One in the city of Four Winds

Rowen Ambrodel

“I finally reached the city of Four Winds after two weeks of traveling on the road. Heard there was a celebration going on. The Black Harvest it is called. I don’t think that I have ever seen so many people before in my entire life. Not that I remember anyway. The streets were so busy and crowed with creatures of all sizes and races. I spent the day wandering through the town, not really looking just walking, and I ended up in the embassy district. I had a couple of half-orcs laugh at me because I seemed like a lost idiot. Guess playing dumb doesn’t really help in this town. Also met a poor man by the fountain who gave some information about Orlox and where to find him when I dropped him a silver piece. Said if I looked underground I would find his tomb. I spent the rest of the afternoon asking around and heard that Orlox’s tomb was not in the graveyard but still underground. I was then told of a well in the center of town so I thought I would head in that direction.”

“After getting to the center of town I noticed a Halfling standing next to a well and looking down. My curiosity took the best of me so I walked over and looked down as only to see three creatures climbing up the wall. Once they reached the top they took a swing at me and the Halfling and so we were in a fight fending off these dark creepers I later found they were named. In the middle of the fight a small gnome headed over and helped us rid of the creatures. Two of them ran off and the third badly wounded fell down the well. The Halfling took off but I found that this gnome was a traveling bard by the name of Wimji Turwick. Seemed very spunky and somewhat overly happy too. We headed into the inn across the street because apparently during this Black Harvest Festival you are not aloud outside. So me and Wimji took a seat at the bar and started talking to the barkeep. I figured he might know some info on Orlox but once I asked we were told we needed to leave. Felt bad afterwards because Wimji told me she had a place to stay and I ruined the evening. So outside we went again with nowhere to stay.”

“Once outside my curiosity took the best of me again and I decided to head down the well to investigate the body of the fallen dark creeper. I made it down just barely because of the slick rope that led to the bottom of the well. Once there I saw a pile of dust from where the creeper fell. Found a belt, vial of fluid, rags and a ring which I learned allows the wearer to breathe under water. I also noticed a tunnel leading into the wall which at that time I did not want to investigate. So on my way up I noticed Wimji climbing down in a hurry. Above her guess who but the dark creepers and they have a friend a Dark Stalker Wimji later tells me. And to makes things worse they decided to start hurling down daggers at they two of us, luckily not hitting anything but the ground. So she makes it down I pick up the daggers and we flee through the tunnel only for me to throw the pair of daggers at the top of the door to seal us in. It seemed like a good idea at the time.” “

We then found ourselves wandering though some very dark tunnels and coming to a fork. To the right a giant hole going down into darkness with a 20 foot gap to the other side. Down the left fork we found a pool with some coins and a little farther a were-rat by the name of Melo who claimed he could take us to Orlox. We told him we would return with some cheese for him and we ended up getting out of the tunnels by way of a door that has been blocked off by a rock slide. It let up a fairly lit mason work tunnel and into the sub-basement of a house. Wimji being the curious gnome she is decided to look at a bookshelf and take a book. Yes she took a book that didn’t belong to her. Who’s the one going to get us into trouble now? She did a quick flip through and saw that it belonged to one Justice Regdina Talsend. We crept out the best we could without disturbing anyone and found an inn, The Rabid Hound, up the street where we took refuge for the night. Before we went to sleep Wimji wanted to read more of the book. So she flipped it open and came to the first page. She looks at me and moans. I walk over and start reading. The First page reads; “This book belongs to Justice Regdina Talsend and if anyone ever takes it then they are to be punished by death.” “That’s just great. Sweet dreams to both of us.”



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