Destiny of Orlox

Day Three in the City of Four Winds

By Wimji Turwick

So it turns out that book I borrowed belongs to a magistrate of the city. And the book plate says she’ll kill anyone who takes it. Perhaps I should read fast! It seems to be a history book about the laws of Four Winds c.280, and there is mention of a “Count Olrox” but not much else. At least now I have a date to look for as well.

I returned to the Library to see if I could find anything more about this Olrox character, or more information about the city c.280. The poor over worked libarian was very nice and pointed out all kinds of helpful sections. Unfortunately the Main Hall of Records is in the basement of the Court House over in the embassy district. I’ll have to check that out tomorrow. Rowen has been to the Embassy district a few times, maybe he can help me find it?

It turns out that the library has a copy of my borrowed book as well, so I can return Regdina’s copy and still be able to check this one later. The author, Barthalamew Talsend, only wrote one other book in here and its just more boring law stuff. I did find one curious thing! In the local mythology section, I found a book about the origins of the Four Winds. It speaks of the discovery of the continent, that it was stumbled upon by a bunch of dwarves looking to find a good place to stash their beer. There were a few new details, different from the general myth I am familiar with, but the curious part was the last few pages about the city itself. They were missing! Someone doesn’t want people to know about the founding of the city. Very interesting.

Rowen and I met up at the Talsend house, the exit from the caverns. There doesn’t appear to be an easy way in, but we did meet an interesting “shop keeper” in the area. A gnome named Kessel Triggerstep who has a knack for finding things that don’t belong to her. She’s very excitable and friendly, but couldn’t help us find a way back into the house.

We returned to the inn to compare notes. Apparently we need to meet someone in the Embassy district tomorrow for more information on Olrox, and Rowen was able to get some information on the local laws. I need to return that book fast! There were some lovely singing crystals and monks performing, before they hauled away a little boy to court (strange place this city!). We chatted with some local guards and discovered only eight guards go out at night durring the black harvest. Eight guards for a city this size? Unbelievable! I’d love to meet one of these guys and see what they know. They must have a lot of interesting stories about the goings on after dark! There is also a strange “mage” named Orcus (the bar keep says he’s crazy) who claims to have lost his “dark powers and chaos” and is putting up reward signs all over town. It might be worth talking to him as well.

Rowen wanted to track down one of those guards so we went for a walk down to the warehouse district, after dark. We didn’t see any guards, but we did see the mysterious cloaked figure he was supposed to meet the next day. We followed him to a warehouse and saw him and a bunch of other figures initiating new members into some kind of cult of knowledge. Rowen said their symbol looked like a cross with an arrow through it. We booked it out of there before anyone could see us and found shelter in a new inn near by. Looks like I’m singing for my supper and lodgings again!



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