Destiny of Orlox

Day Two for Me.

Rowen Ambrodel

Wimji and I awoke this morning to the sounds of the festival. With different agendas we decided to head our separate ways and met back at the inn later. She was going to head to the library see what she could find about Orlox and this Underwind thing, while I headed back to embassy row to see if I could find the old beggar man again for more info and to possibly find out who this Justice Regdina Talsend character is. SO back out we went.”

“So back at embassy row I saw no sign of the old man. Walking around, I saw a man almost hidden in the shadows wearing a red cloak with metal ringlets on it. Figured a shadowy figure like that might be able to answer some questions for me. So I walked up and tried having a conversation in the most polite way possible. He seemed ok until I started asking way to many questions. Well thanks this flaw of mine which seems to happen a lot lately, the robed man took me by the tunic and pulled me closer. He told me to stop asking so many questions, that I look crazy and that I’m lucky somebody doesn’t just kill me for being so nosy. He finally let me go and told me to meet him back here at 3:30 tomorrow and he will have all the answers I need. Before I even caught his name, he was gone.”

“To make things even better I did leave some Elven guards in front of the court house thinking I was a lost child because I was asking too many questions. Upon leaving the courthouse I stopped to look at the magnificent fountain in front of it. A huge sculpture of Four Winds justice system. It was definitely something to look at. While I sat there gazing a figure came and stood next to me taking notes. To be polite I said hello and introduced myself. Came to find out this characters name was Gadwick Finn and he was the personal scribe to Justice Regdina Talsend. Lucky me. Apparently Regdina is one of the highest ranking judges in all of Four Winds and you can only meet her by appointment. Talking to Gadwick more he told me he had a relationship with a certain female in the courthouse and if there was anything I needed all I had to do was donate to his pocket fund. I figured some info on a case that Regdina just worked on would be sufficient enough. So off he disappeared inside while I read the laws and studied the fountain some more. Almost an hour later he returned with a rolled piece of parchment, handed it to me, told me have a nice day, turned and headed back inside. It was time to go find Wimji.”

” I found Wimji about an hour later outside the ally way that led to the house we snuck out of the night before. I told her about my run ins with some very interesting characters and she told me about some fun facts about Four Winds. Mostly don’t be outside after dark during the festival and apparently there are only 8 guards that patrol the entire city when it gets darks, A huge place like this and only 8 guards? Seems strange. It was a little before shops were supposed to start closing so me and the gnome decided to look at some venders around the corner. Wimji had a chat with another gnome in their racial tongue, and both seemed very giddy. She does worry me sometimes. And we also had a run in with a grumpy old man sitting on a pile of rugs. He tried to start a fight but somehow the little gnome talked her way out of it. People tend to get very antsy when it gets dark around here. So back into the Rabid hound we went. Once inside I sat at a table to think and I noticed the curious gnome walked up and started talking to some human guards. Trying to charm herself into getting it in with the guards so hopefully we can wander outside after dark to learn a few more things. Well I guess things didn’t go to plan so me not wanting to sit around I suggested we just leave and start walking. In a big place like this we will learn as we go. Wimji tried to remind me of the previous night but I wasn’t really listening. I just had to get out and walk around.”

“Once outside we started walking South. No real reason I just hadn’t been that way. As we were walking Wimji noticed a figure dressed in a red cloak run down an alley. We both took off because it sounded a lot like the character I ran into earlier today. Naturally the door he disappeared into was locked. I looked around and noticed some windows about 15 feet into the air. Idea time. I stacked a couple boxes on top of one another, climbed up and had Wimji climb onto my shoulders. You know they always said curiosity killed the half-elf and gnome. Not tonight thankfully. I couldn’t hear a thing that was going on but apparently the little gnome was able to tell what was going one. She was whispering down that she saw a ceremony going on. As she watched while perched onto my shoulders she watched the ceremony unfold. When it was done and before she had a chance to tell me the details someone happened to look up and see her shadow in the window so we had to high tail it.”

“We ran for about 10 minutes before we found an inn and disappeared inside. There Wimji told me of what she saw. The cloaked figure from earlier was among some others that were dressed like him, and they were inducting some new people into a secret society. They called it the Order of Knowledge. She didn’t know what language they were speaking but she has a talent for being able to comprehend any language for a short amount of time. And on the floor she tried to describe an emblem which I caught to be a cross with an arrow going through it. But the new inductees had half their shirt pulled off and were missing one boot, while being blinded folded. Guess they are pretty serious. So we talked a little more about what our game plan for tomorrow would be. She decided to head to embassy row with me because she wanted to check out the hall of records in the basement of the courthouse. I planned of finding my friend in red an get the answers I was looking for and see if maybe I could find out some other things as well. With that we got a room and headed to bed for the evening.”



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