Destiny of Orlox

Down once more to the dungeon...

by Wimji

So Rowen and I finagled our way past the house owners and back into the undercity. We met up with Melo, who was more rat than were at the moment. We had to stumble around looking for some stinky mushrooms to make him more cheese. On our way, we investigated some ruins under the city. There is an underground chamber of sarcophagi, looks to be mostly founders and city guards of some importance. Further down, we stumbled into a Rust Monster that Rowen just had to mess with! To give him credit, it did eat his favorite sword, which would upset anyone. We had to high-tail it out of there! The statues were giving me the creeps anyway! Something was odd about them.

We finally found the mushrooms and brought Melo back his cheese. He led us down to a chamber with another sarcophagus, marked Olrox, and more of those creepy statues. Rowen ate some of the weird cheese and claimed to see “colors” going from the sarcophagus to some tiles. They lifted the lid off the sarcophagus, and there was nothing inside. I grabbed Rowen’s hand and jumped up and down on one of the tiles, but nothing happened. Rowan asked Melo to stand on another one, and when he did, poof! The floor gave way and poor Melo fell to what I can only assume was his death! Rowan was a bit more cautious after that. We investigated the other tiles, and the one I was jumping on leads to a chute that slides further underground. Another of the tiles brought one of the statues to life! I knew there was something fishy about those things! We managed to reset the tile and the statue went back to normal, so we set the room to rights and plan to come back later.

On our way back to the surface, we passed some crates loaded with silverware and plates (and a lovely cheese and sausage selection). After a brief snack, I was struck with an idea. We gathered up all the silver we could carry and headed back to Rusty’s chambers. With a little creative placement, we lured Rusty out, and were able to investigate the chamber below. Inside some old chests we found a bunch of Dwarven relics! Some lovely stone tankards, stone weapons, a stone flute and some gems. We went back upstairs, where Rusty was just beginning to chow down on some plates we had left by the statues. I grabbed a scroll from a chest and managed to close it down without disturbing the statues too much, and then Rowen decided to mess with one of the urns. Of course the statues went crazy! Lucky for him, Rusty got in the way, and they battled it out with no help from us!

After a long day of walking (and running) we decided to catch some sleep in Melo’s corner before heading out again.



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