Destiny of Orlox


The Festival of the Black Harvest

The Festival of the Black Harvest is a strange time for The Four Winds and yet in many ways not strange at all, if one is a savant of the city-state.

Though the sack-clothed streets the signs of Fall are present. Pumpkins sit on hay bales clustered near street signs; Offerings of the local farming guilds and a sense of pride for many. Each display labeled with the symbol of the donating guild. Some are more elaborate than others, especially as you wander closer to the city center. From what amounts to little more than a carefully laid stack of farm goods to entire scenes that stretch from lamp post to lamp post complete with enchanted instruments playing folk songs.

The usual holiday beer and ale selections present at all the local watering holes assure that no one is without their favorite. Joy is spread through alcohol in all the boroughs and helps take the edge off of some of the more creepy celebrations.

As a newcomer to The Four Winds, this is the first time you’ve witnessed the Black Harvest. This holiday is unique to The Four Winds and is not celebrated in your home village. Perhaps some exploration is in order. It’s a good thing this holiday lasts all week.



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