Festival of the Black Harvest

“When the sewers howl and the days are short. Vegetables ripen of every sort. Time for the Black Harvest again is here! May the devils not come before my beer!” —Four Windian Folk Song

The Festival of the Black Harvest signals the changing of the wind from the west to below. A strange Underwind blows from beneath the city. Billowing from sewer and storm drains. Even from water wells a strong wind can be felt. This festival lasts for one week.

Dusk to Dawn

When the sun sets each night the entire city closes down until dawn the next day. This is abnormal for a city which is known to never sleep and be in 24/7 operation. For the week of the festival Shops close early, the displays are un-enchanted, and everyone goes home and locks their doors until the first rays of the morning sun. maligned fates are known to befall anyone foolish enough to be out on a night of the Black Harvest.


The Main streets of the town have black cloth hung from every lamp post and street sign. In addition, at key locations there are small harvest displays. These displays are done by the local farming guilds and each display has the symbol of it’s maker prominently displayed. Displays and scenes vary in quality from a simple display of pumpkins on hay bales with a pitchfork to entire harvest scenes complete with enchanted instruments and Hay Golems going through the motions of harvest or dancing.

The Underwind

The wind from below, which blows for only ten days of the year is possibly the most mysterious of the Four Winds. Surprisingly, the wind brings no scent of the sewers or wells it springs from. It is a cold, moist wind, such as the kind of wind you would feel standing near a waterfall. The characteristics of the wind lead many great thinkers to believe it does not come from the sewers or the springs, but from somewhere else, deep below. Though steady, during the day the wind is light, as though someone were fanning you with a palm frond. At night, the wind becomes a torrent howling mysteriously from grates, vents, and drainage points.

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Festival of the Black Harvest

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