The World of Falor

“In the beginning Torag created the earth. He carved holes within for his workmen, whom he forged from the strongest of metal. He then made them flesh so they could partake in his ambrosia. This ambrosia was called Beer by the Dwarves, and it was good.”—Kzaah Blataam, The Dwarven book of creation

The history of the world is Shrouded in mystery as each race has it’s own point of View.

The Elves, in stoic arrogance, claim that they were the Firstborn. They go so far as to say they even helped the gods shape the other races as servants for them.

The Dwarves, Also lay claim to being the first race. As the first to emerge from the depths of the ground, they were responsible for carving the first rivers and waterfalls. That they even had a hand in the finding of precious stones which later were animated by the gods to form the Gnomes.

The Gnomes themselves have a more philosophical outlook and argue that the world has always been. That all the races came from a single race in the distant past and that life continues to diversify until it begins to inter-mingle and become one race again.

The Humans have always believed that the Elves came first as Drow from a plane of Pure Evil and enslaved the humans who were the naturally evolved race of Falor. They believe that through twisted magical experiments The Drow created the other races by mixing the life essence of humans with other animals. The gods grew furious at the arrogance of the Drow and punished the most evil by making them Driders. Those few Drow who tried to stop the experiments were blessed with Ignorance of their past and became Elves. The few Drow rumored to remain are Driders who have somehow found the magic to undo the power of the punishment. The Elves of course scoff at this as the ramblings of a young race. This difference of opinion is the source of the persecuted Half-Elves.

The origin of the world is considered common knowledge among all races as each race teaches the young of the truthfulness of their version and the fallacy of the other racial stories. As adults, the denizens of Falor know the futility in trying to persuade other races to their side and the subject only rarely comes up in drunken debates at inns and taverns across the world.

There are more races with their own opinions on the creation of the world, but these points of view described above are the most important to this campaign.

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The World of Falor

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