“It’s an odd thing when a shop keeper won’t take your gold. Oh don’t get me wrong, he takes it, but because it doesn’t have Orlox on the coin, it’s worth half as much?! Honestly I think everyone in this town are greedy folk. What’s so important about this Orlox fellow?” —Wembley the Traveling Merchant

Who is Orlox?

His name is as old and mysterious as The City of The Four Winds itself. His face is on every coin, yet no one has seen him. His name, well worn on the gold, silver, and copper pieces, is barely legible. Who is Orlox? A dead King? An ancient General? Fresh from learning a trade, you aim to make a name for yourself and seek him out.

note: Destiny of Olrox is a pathfinder campaign for those new to the Pathfinder Chronicles. As such it begins as a level 1 beginning adventure but can quickly scale with the party’s experience.

Destiny of Orlox

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