Destiny of Orlox

Deeper and deeper

by Wimji

We’ve found some interesting things indeed! Those stone items in the chest were of very high quality, and the scroll seems to speak of the founding of the continent in some detail. It contains reference to what I think could be Rowen’s Order of Knowledge buddies, as well as a recipe for Dwarven ale. This ties in with what I’ve read in the Order’s book I borrowed about Olrox. There’s even mention of some treasure on the scroll. Perhaps these caverns deserve more investigation.

We’ve decided to descend deeper into the caverns, down the rope of the cavern by the well entrance, which led to more caverns that seem to be the source of the underwind! We followed the winds for several days through the caverns, until we came upon the Dwarf Fortress of _. The Dwarf’s were very friendly, if a bit surprised to see top siders wandering around in their tunnels. We got some dinner and a bit of gossip at the inn. Seems there’s something fishy about the north tunnel. I plan to track down the local lore keeper and see what he knows about the wind and any interesting folklore for this area. Could be tied to that treasure mentioned on the Dwarven scroll.



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