Rowen Ambrodel

A wanderer looking for answers to his past.


In the Elven city of Ellesel deep in the heart of Treeloft half-elves have only ever been a topic of dicussion because no other half-elves have ever lived there. When Rowen was born some said that he was a curse on the city because he was an abomination of cross breeding. So some believed. But most veiwed his birth as a blessing, one that would bring good omens and fortune to Ellesel. A magnificent event that would be put into songs and stories and remembered for all eternity. But still there were those few who saw nothing but misfortune.

Rowen’s father, the elf Galhir, was one of the best craftsmen known in the city. His swords were some of the most eccentric and beautiful creations around. Works of art that could never break and were addorned with ancient elven runes and songs etched upon the blades. His bows were made from the Redwil, an ancient tree that would allow very few to use it’s wood which is as strong as steel. The feathers on his arrows were of the great golden eagles that made their nest in the tops of the Redwils. Besides being a craftsmen Galhir was also a very proficent fighter with the weapons he made. Everyday he would take Rowen out into the forest and train him with both sword and bow. In time he was a match for his father even at times. He would even leave Rowen out in the wilderness for days by himself, having him learn the lay of the land and how to survive with nothing but the skin off his back. Rowen always looked to his father for the strength to become a better Elf.

Rowen’s mother, the human Morrolen, came from the town Blackwall. Even though Morrolen was one of the few humans ever to really come to Ellesel she was always held with the utmost respect. One becuase she was married to Galhir and he was the best craftsman around. And two she was a human that knew more about magic then most elves thought humans could know. This is because even before Morrolen met Galhir, she was the apprentice to a very bizzare wizard named Caldis. He trained her in the arts of transmutation and evocation spells. When Rowen parents met they fell in love and his mother gave up her life in the apprenticeship and traveled with Galdhir to Treeloft. Once there she was welcomed by many elves and looked down on by others but none the less treated with respect from then on. When Rowen was born, Morrolen was the proudest mother around. She always told him that no matter what people say about your background as a half-elf, half-human always remember that you are loved and should always be proud of where you come from. As Rowen grew older his mother took him under her wing as her apprentice and started teaching everything that she knew. Rowen always looked to Morrolen for the love to appreciate his half human nature.

As the years passed Rowen learned more and more from his mother and father in the art of weapons and magic. Some elfs in the village still believed Rowens birth was a bad omen but through the years nothing happen so they kept there distance and just smirked anytime he was around. All the others always greeted him with a welcoming smile and called him Telloth Thien or in the common tongue “Special One”. Through the years Rowen developed many friends but none was as close to him as his wolf companion Alvehel. Rowen found Alvehel as a pup lost in the woods. For 4 days he tried to help the little wolf find his pack. On the night of the 4th day Rowen found the the pups den along with the bodies of the rest of the pack. Upon further inspection Rowen found Orc footprints and arrows all around the area. Appartly a small group of orcs had a hunting party and decided to kill the wolfs for sport. For two days there after Alvehel sat next to the bodies of his kine and howled in morning. Rowen sat unmoved trying to hold back tears. After the days of morning Rowen buried all the bodies and told Alvehel to come stay with him. After that day the two of them became inseperable.

As both Half-elf and wolf grew their bond became stronger. When Rowen would go out into the woods to train for weeks at a time Alvehel would be right by his side. On one paticular day when the two were returning home, in the distance they could both smell fire coming from the city. As they drew near what they saw was horrifying. Flames were comsuming homes and stores. Half the building were in utter ruin. Down the street Rowen could see his fathers workshop distroyed and being burned inside out from the fire. As he started racing home Rowen and Alvehel heard screams coming from the center of the city. As they approached the screams two elven women were running from around a building tears in their eyes. Behind them a company of around 200 goblins followed lead by an extemely mutilated creature. Witnin seconds he held up his hand and the hoard released a volly of arrows and cut the elves down. Without thinking Rowen notched an arrow and shot it straight into the commanders forhead. Before the company had time to react Rowen and Alvehel were gone.

On the south side of town there was a hidden trail that stretched thousands of miles to the ocean. This was to be taken if the town was ever to become under attack. As they ran, Alvehel spotted a body slumped against a tree just before the forest edge. As Rowen approached he realized it was the armorer Thel and blood was running down the side of his head. Kneeling next to his dying kinsmen Thel opened his eyes and with his last couple breaths said: “Most away. Lots dead. Some and parents taken. Orlox. Orlox. Orl…. And with that Thel passed. Rowen didn’t know what to make of what he had just heard. Before he even had a chance to think an arrow wizzed passed him and struck Alvehel in the rear flank. Spinning Rowen noticed a dozen goblins running at him. He scooped up his wounded companion and ran as fast as his legs would take him. As he ran through the forest the orcs stayed in hot persuit firing arrows and narrowly missing him. After hours of running Rowen made it to the narrow stone pass above Hethton Gorge. As he approached an arrow hit him in the shoulder and the forced knocked him over the side. Down he and Alvehel fell the 175 feet into the raging waters below. The orcs ran to the side of the gorge and watched as the two lifeless bodies fell, hit with a slash and floated down the river.

Three days later Rowen awoke from what seemed like a never ending nightmare. As he sat up pain raged through his entire body. His shoulder ripped with pain from what seemed to be an arrow and his right eye was swollen shut. Rowen started to look around in a panic. Alvehel was nowhere to be seen. He stood and started shouting with tears running down his face. Feeling very dizzy the pain overtook Rowen and he fell back to the ground hitting his head with enough force to almost knock him into unconciousness once again. Instead he fought it and pulled the arrow out of his shoulder and used some weeds and oils he had to treat the wound. He then crawled to a large birch where he closed his eyes and darkness took him.

Another three days had passed and Rowen again awoke from his dark dreams. As he opened his eyes he noticed he was sitting next to a river against a large birch tree. The lump on his temple trobbed and made him cringe in pain. As Rowen opened his eyes against the pain he realized he had no memory of how he ended up in this place. He sensed he was far from home but the problem was, he had no idea where home was.To make matters worse, he could not remember anything. All he could remember was his name, a wolf, a city on fire, little flashes of characters that coule be his parents, and one other name. One name he didn’t understand. And that name was Orlox. Rowen then realized the only way to remember his past was to find this Orlox and have him help return the lost memories. Rowen needed to know what happened. He needed answers and he needed them now. As he stood he found some of his belongings he assumed. A bow, a sword, a back pack with some food and tools for fishing and fixing the bow. He took one final look around and started walking along the river.

A couple hours later Rowen noticed a small dirt path leading away from the river. Naturaly he started following it. At the end of the path not a mile from the river he came upon a grassy dirt road. Across the road was a sign. The sign read : “4 Winds to the North” with a sign pointing to the left. Rowen thought of this as a good starting point, adjusted his gear and followed the sign. He didn’t know how far 4 Winds was. He didn’t know what sort of trouble he might run into not knowing much about himself. One thing was certain. He was not going to stop until he found his answers.

Rowen Ambrodel

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