The Four Winds

City Size: Large | Alignment: Lawful Neutral | Population: 18,680 | Total Assets: G 56,040,000

“Four Winds’ attempts to remain culturally neutral have produced a unique personality. Styles and fashions from nearby kingdoms and farther lands blend to create a riot of colors, considered to be the height of taste. Foods, music, games, and languages from the world over are equally mingled. Four Winds has a scent and an accent all its own.”—Taken from The Four Winds Guild of Mercantile and Trade.

“I here tale a Half-Elf can be walkin’ along-side of men AND elves, and ain’t nothin’ happen to ‘im.” —Kyp Fleetfoot, Half-Elf Fisherman from your home village.

“Ah yes, the Four Winds. Where the finest food, finest slaves, most indulgent wine, whores, and guards, can all be bought with mere coin.” —Ashriel, Elven liaison to the city-state of Four Winds.


As the guilds would have you believe, Culture in The four Winds is a mixture of races and beliefs spanning the entire continent. As a major trade hub located in the center of the continent goods from as far away as the coast lines stream into Four Winds to be sold at it’s famous square in the center of town. Less exotic goods and basics for life can be found at one of several marketplaces located in the quarters of the city-state. Races tend to get along due to plentiful supply of resources, good roads, and heavy handed city guards.

Four festivals a year are celebrated in Four Winds. These Festivals celebrate the time when the wind changes.

  1. East Wind: Festival of Red Fortune
  2. West Wind: Festival of Green Sport
  3. North Wind: Festival of White Lights
  4. Under Wind: Festival of the Black Harvest

Four Winds is uniquely situated in a valley with a high mountain pass to the north. This provides 3 unique directions the wind can travel, depending on local weather conditions.

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The Four Winds

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